East Chambers ISD – Darren Smith

“We have contracted with A1 Filter Service for eleven years. We truly value A-1 Filter Services’ dedication to their craft. They routinely inform us of noises our units may be making or problems they see with our HVAC units. Even though it is not part of our contract with A1 Filter Service, they provide us with a monthly visual inspection of each and every one of our units and report back to us when they are done replacing the filters.”

Rich Courville

“Thanks for everything you have done for my company. It’s a pleasure to work with people such as you. That means a lot to me, as well as being on time and having a reputable product.”

Scott Miller

“I have used their air filters in my home for over a year now and find that the quality is much better than what I can buy at the big box stores. I also believe using these filters has benefited my family in more than just monetary savings, but health benefits with the cleaner air that is circulated in my home.”