Q. How can I tell what size filter I require for my home?
A. When looking for the size of your filter, go to the current filter you are using and look for the dimensions of the filter (length, height and width). It should be marked somewhere on the filter frame.  Let us know what it says, and how many filters you would like and we’ll custom cut them for you.


Q. How often should I change my filter(s)?
A. We believe changing them once a month is ideal.  Even though they may not look “dirty”, our filter media captures many tiny particles that cannot be seen. 


Q. Can I just wash your filters and re-use them?
A. We DO NOT ever recommend washing an A/C filter.  You are inviting mold and mildew to be circulated throughout your home.


Q. After the initial year, what is the second year’s filter cost?
A. When you re-order your filters for the second year, the cost will be $34.95 – a substantial savings from the big-box stores.


Q. How are you able to price the filters so reasonably?
A. We buy direct from the factory – there is no middle man.  We also custom cut the filters to your specific size which saves you the cost of having them cut at the factory.


Q. Why are metal frames so important?
A. We use metal frames to prevent them from collapsing.  The moisture/humidity in our SETX air often compromises the integrity of cardboard frames allowing unfiltered air to flow around them. 

The home kit includes one custom metal frame to fit your unit along with an initial one YEAR supply of A/C Filters (12 filters) for the low price of $69.95 (plus tax, shipping included).

Subsequent years of A/C filters (12 filters) for $34.95 (plus tax, shipping included).

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